Website Lead Generation


Estimates say that 98% of B2B visitors to your website will leave without contacting you. If you're ready to move beyond a 2% sales conversion rate, we can help.

Your website is a major focus of your business-to-business sales efforts, our IP tracking lead generation program will help you extract the visitor identification and insight your sales team needs.

Imagine having the ability to let your marketing and sales team know exactly which company visited your website on a certain date, which pages they visited and how long they remained on each page. We pre-qualify leads by providing an estimated annual revenue for each company so you can determine whether they fit your target market.

When a company is identified as a lead you'll have the ability to purchase the contact information for key decision makers at that company.

Get ready to supercharge your sales team with data-driven leads. 



The Cream City Digital lead generation program will help you: 


Identify new target markets

IP tracking software allows companies to identify leads beyond the confines of typical analytics programs. You may be surprised to find that your content is attracting a demographic that you haven't actively been marketing to.

Track marketing efforts with real ROI insight

If you've been participating in social media channels but are unsure whether they're truly working for you, we can help. You'll be able to determine which visits are acquired by specific channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google AdWords. If a unique visitor returns at a later date, you'll be able to track their visit history and easily identify the original marketing source that created the lead, helping you to better plan the ROI of each marketing channel.

Get strategic about website content and updates

Identify the most popular (or least popular) sections of your website and make informed decisions for future updates. Our monthly reports identify pages with high exit rates. If desired, we can help you to review and test changes, whether that's through structural design, timed slide-in lead generation forms or through the addition of more informative content.

Identify new sales opportunities for existing clients

Pre-existing customers will likely be your easiest source for cross selling opportunities. You may find that your existing customers are visiting certain product or service pages that they aren't currently engaging your company for. Your sales team will have the ability to reach out immediately and provide the right information to your clients at the right information-seeking point of the sales cycle.